As most of you know if you follow my blog, I failed SWITCH on Monday (sad face). But I am determined to pass this soon. I rescheduled my exam for April 29th, purchased some more study material, and im focusing on my weak areas. I have been studying so much, that I just tried to tab out some of these words…..

This week I got to play with some new toys in the data center. We just installed an Anue 5236 to help with our network monitoring, and a Qradar 1202 Flow Collector that will help with mitigating threats and supply us with better reporting. Spun up some more vPC’s to our new ERP servers, and placed the first iSCSI storage array to support ERP until we get our SAN later this year.

Got my feet wet with some Ubuntu this week also. It has been a long time since I have touched anything linux related, and it definitely shows. The next thing I will be doing is trying to get Open vSwitch and some controllers set up in a lab (in all the free time I have these days). I will be done with class in a few weeks, and will roll right into my ROUTE and TSHOOT studies. With any luck ROUTE will be done around August, and TSHOOT in November. Still shooting for CCNP R+S before the end of 2013!!

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One comment on “ITS FRIDAY!!!
  1. Dude, you got nothing to worry about. You are on your way to mastering your trade. Thats what counts. When your hobby is your job + social IQ, you have no ceiling. Keep it up.

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