Excited to announce the release of a MOOC that I have been working on with West Virginia’s Network for Education. Check it out and sign up for the class! Read the following press release…

WVNET Press Release
May 9, 2013

Are you ready to get down in the trenches with the experts and learn how to create your own Software Defined Network? If so, this MOOC is for you!

Help us spread the word…. On May 16th, 2013, West Virginia’s Network for Education (WVNET), facilitated in part by West Virginia’s Remote Online Collaborative Knowledge System (WVROCKS), will launch a MOOC on Software Defined Networking (SDN) through Blackboard’s CourseSites.

Software-defined networking is rapidly changing the network environment, but it is very difficult to learn how to actually install and use things like OpenFlow and OpenStack. WVNET’s Director, the Vice Chancellor of Technology for West Virginia’s Higher Education Policy Commission, Judge Dan O’Hanlon, is the mastermind behind the MOOC. He along with a talented group of network engineers and architects have collaborated on an SDN-OPS course that is a hands-on, practical learning experience focusing on the many types of software-defined networking tools currently available. WVNET has been on the learning curve for SDN for the past year as their employees worked with RENCI at Duke to stand up the first Cisco ExoGENI Rack in the world.

WVNET’s MOOC lets students from all over the world learn how to create their own software defined network for free! No gimmicks! No tuition! No lab fees! They have recruited some of the most qualified experts in every area of the SDN Community as instructors, including Brent Salisbury from KYRON (the Kentucky Regional Optical Network) who frequently blogs about SDN; Dustin Burns & Ed Henry — both talented network engineers from Connecticut; Bill Owens from NYSERnet, the NY State Educational Research Network; Ivan Pepelnjak, a CCIE for decades who is one of the most read bloggers in the SDN universe; and Steven Wallace the new Director of InCNTRE at Indiana University who has taught OpenFlow installation classes all over the country.

The WVNET SDNOPS MOOC will begin on May 16, 2013 and continue with different weekly lessons until July 14, 2013. Students will learn about SDN and OpenFlow fundamentals, Hardware Switching and Constraints, OpenFlow Integration and Gateways, Data Center Orchestration, and how to Integrate SDN Networks into the Native Network Architecture.

For more information on how to register, go to .

For information regarding this press release, contact Dr. Mary Stewart, Applications Systems Analyst Programmer Lead, WVNET, 304-293-5192 x231 or

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